How to easily change the default account / line to be used on a #Yealink #VoIP #telephone – use the arrow key!

You can change the default account / line to use on Yealink IP Phones in a very simple way

We have many new customers that are using another VoIP provider but (for clear reasons like price or need for our Hosted VoIP) they want to use their current Yealink or TipTel IP telephones’ second Line / Account for the use of the XeloQ SIP account. Which is always a good choice of course 🙂

After a while they come to the conclusion that they basically want to use the XeloQ (Hosted) or VoIP Lite account primarily for ALL calls but do not (or cannot) change our account to be the first Line / account.

So the question is: How to change the default account / line to be used when picking up the phone to the 2nd line?

It is pretty hard to find (not in the manual) but the Yealink forum has the answer:

JUST USE THE NAVIGATION ARROW LEFT / RIGHT key to set the default account….
Is it that simple? Yes it is. Check it out below 🙂

The chosen default account will remain the default one until a restart / power cycle of your Yealink / TipTel phone.

Backlink to the forum:

Getting an account from XeloQ:

Questions? Let us know!

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