How much ‎bandwidth‬ / ‎data‬ you’ll use on your Smart Phone when you are on ‎4G‬ / ‎LTE‬ and talk for 5 minutes using ‪‎VoIP‬? It is 3,8 MB.

Calculate how much data you use when you’re calling using VoIP on your Smartphone

Lots of readers and visitors on are wondering how much data they will use when they use their 3G / 4G / LTE connection when making VoIP calls on their smartphone using the XeloPhone or any other Softphone app.

-> well, just use this nice file size calculator. Because making voice / VoIP calls basically creates a stream of audio which in the end is comparable with a file of a certain size in MB. You can find the online calculator HERE.

See what happens with a 5 minute call using a softphone with the g711 (default) codec – it is just 3,8 MB….

And see what a 1 hour call uses; it is just 45 MB

Most people have a 500 MB data package per month so if you just use it for VoIP calling this will mean more than 10 hours of calling.

And because you are saving up to 90% on costs using our VoIP system it is no problem to expand your data bundle with 500 MB for an average of $10,- per month.

 if you’re always using your Smartphone on 4G + WiFi and/or you’ll have a large/unlimited data-bundle from your mobile operator you can use the G711 codec without worrying about the quality / data usage.

If you’re on a smaller (500MB) data bundle, make sure you’ll purchase a Softphone app using the G729 codec or (as with Zoiper or CSIPSimple) purchase the G729 codec separatedly; it’ll cost you only $ 9,99 so that is a bargain.

Making a 5 minute call using the g729 codec only uses 1,5 MB of data. Check here. A 1 hour call using g729 uses 18 MB. Check that here.

If you want to know more let us know at sales or take a look at our SoftPhone page at

You can find the online calculator for codec versus duration HERE. Another good bandwidth calculator from Asterisk Guru can be found here.

Take care and drop any questions to

Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony


One thought on “How much ‎bandwidth‬ / ‎data‬ you’ll use on your Smart Phone when you are on ‎4G‬ / ‎LTE‬ and talk for 5 minutes using ‪‎VoIP‬? It is 3,8 MB.

  1. sophie

    Based on G.711 codec@87Kbps, rounded up to 90kBps because nothing on the Internet runs to spec,. then if you plan an hour of conversation, it will be roughly 45 MB.
    This is worked out using the web site the author used.

    If you want to lower your bandwidth then drop the codex to G.729 ( the 8bit variant is pretty low rate) and then you’ll mobile data voip traffic will be very little. G711 and G729 are pretty common.

    Best, Sophie

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