Configuration example and quick ‘how to’ guide for #ZoiPer on #Android to get it going on XeloQ’s Hosted #VoIP

A quick ‘how to’ guide to get ZoiPer for Android going on XeloQ’s Hosted PBX

You’ve probably been visiting our Softphone page on our website and decided to start using ZoiPer. Here’s a quick quide to get you going.

1. First, get Zoiper from the Play Store (just search) or scan the QR Code below:

2. After that, launch Zoiper and get to the Config Screen (on the top complete at the right).

3. Next, press Add Account (in this example the VoIP Lite account is already in; ignore that):

4. Choose SIP:

5. Fill out the info below using your Hosted VoIP credentials:
Press Save when you are done.

6. The account is ready; select the right account to use by just clicking it.

7 . Enter the number using the Dialpad and press the telephone button to start dialing:

8. When the call is in progress, after the called party will answer the call is connected:

you can switch between the 2 accounts (VoIP Lite / Hosted) to make calls using the 2 accounts separatedly.

When you also have a normal telephone number (DID) connected to your XeloQ VoIP Lite or your XeloQ Hosted VoIP account, you can also receive those phone calls on your smartphone and you will by-pass International roaming!

Enjoy calling!

Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony


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