What do you as customer choose? Hosted VoIP or an IP PBX onsite? Please tell us!

Hosted VoIP is nothing new; it is here for several years and also XeloQ Communications delivers Hosted VoIP / Hosted PBX for 1,5 year now.

But is not always suitable for each and every company. There are limitations in bandwidth of your Internet connection, the maximum number of extensions in ‘real-life’, fallback and failover and something called ’emotion’.

Not every company wants his or her Telephone Exchange hosted in ‘some datacenter’ (although it is a complete secured and backed up environment).
It is basically the same idea of hosting your email and administration / documents. That is just not suited for some companies as well.

For those groups of companies, XeloQ delivers the so called Onsite IP PBX. It runs in your own office and you control the dice.

What is your choice? A Hosted PBX or an IP PBX onsite? And why?

Tell us. We would like to hear from you!

More information: http://www.XeloQ.com

Kind regards,
Sales Team XeloQ Communications

How are we doing? Tell us what you think about XeloQ Communications

Every now and then we launch a small survey to measure our Customer’s experience and Customer’s satisfaction.

So, XeloQ customers all around the world; tell us:   How are we doing?

What do you like about XeloQ? What do you dislike? Why did you come to XeloQ? Were you referred to us or found us yourself on the Internet?

Do you understand what we deliver? Is all clear? If you were our webmaster, would you change our website? Why? What would you change? Did you already talk to our support or customer service? And did you like that? Or not?

Just tell us…..but be polite otherwise your Comment will be removed.

As we do every 6 months (what normally was done by an email survey), we listen to you and try to change or / and improve our services and the way we interact with our customers. We will post replies in this post and on our Twitter channel:  http://twitter.com/XeloQ_VoIP

Forgotten what it is we’re doing? Check it all out at http://www.xeloq.eu

You are important to us so let us know.

Post your comment! This can be in Dutch or English. Thank you very much in advance!
Team XeloQ Communications Internet Telephony

(backtrack to earlier comments on old Blog:  http://xeloq.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-are-we-doing-tell-us-what-you-think.html )

SIP SoftPhone on Mobiles (Mobile VoIP) – which program do you use and why?

As being in the VoIP business for 7,5 years, we now see a shift to use Mobile VoIP. Nothing more than using your (smart)phone to make Mobile VoIP calls and bypass International Roaming.

It works great and saves up to 90% on calling costs which is great!

XeloQ partners with NimBuzz, fring and our tech team found the ‘hidden’ settings of Windows Mobile to use their built in stack.

Check it all out on http://www.xeloq.com/#/website/categorie/1723/mobile-voip

Also some of our customers already use SIPDroid on their Android phones.

Which Mobile SIP SoftPhone are you using?

Why? What is it advantage over the mentioned ones? Is it free or low cost?
Does it have low bandwidth codec’s like g729 on board? Did you already find a SIP SoftPhone for BlackBerry and Palm OS?

Tell us please. We would like to hear from you.

Zojuist onze Blog vernieuwd met eMail updates; easy as 1-2-3

Dit is interessant.

De Blog wordt gevuld met de inhoud / subject van de email die je vanuit een willekeurige emailclient kan sturen (ja…wel een secret email adres…) en tegelijkertijd wordt er een Twitter tweet geplaatst….op http://twitter.com/XeloQ_VoIP met de subject van de Blog (welke dus het Subject was van de email).

Waar gaan we het over hebben? Over het gemak van het per email vullen van de Blog 😉

Makkelijk of niet? Bruikbaar? Nodig? Waarom?

In ieder geval worden de sociale netwerken, blogs, mails, company-websites, connecties met Linked-In allemaal op een eenvoudige manier gekoppeld.

Laat je comment achter….of niet.
Team XeloQ Communications – www.XeloQ.nl